Pralaya Yoga Studio‎ International Day of Yoga Celebration

Join the global celebration of the 2nd Annual International Day at Discovery Green. The Consulate General of India invites you to a color dance party followed by yoga with Pralaya Yoga Creator, Robert Boustany, along with his student, Lindsey Law, and Director of Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (VYASA). In addition, Nosa Edebor, will teach acroyoga on the lawn and there will be local food and craft vendors.

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You Don’t Have to Fly High

Most people think Aerial Yoga means you must be suspended high off the ground. Not true. There are many advantages to a low-hanging swing. Various poses and movements can be done while only a few inches off the ground. Only a few inches makes all the difference in allowing for a release of tension on the bones and muscles.

Counteracting gravity, Aerial Yoga works to lengthen connective tissue. Your flexibility will improve as well. You might relieve back pain by strengthening the core.

Currently you can find me assisting the Aerial Basic class taught by Amanda Field at Your Body Center. Come take our class at 8:15 p.m. on Thursdays and we’ll snap a picture of you doing something cool #flywithamanda

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The Eight-Angle Pose (a.k.a. Astavakrasana) offers an excellent opportunity to practice blending seriousness and playfulness. Most students find the arm balance difficult and demanding. Strength, flexibility, concentration, balance, and perseverance are —all are essential for performing this pose.

Place your palms on the floor beside your hips, fingers pointing forward. Bend your right knee, drawing it back and up toward your torso. Send your right arm under your right leg high beneath your right thigh. Replace your right hand as close to your right hip as possible. Your right leg will be suspended over your right triceps. Bend and cross your left leg over your right, overlapping the left ankle over the right. Press your hands firmly into the floor and lift up initially. Next, rotate to balance the weight of your hips and torso parallel to the floor, keeping length in the torso. Keep both arms in right angles to the floor. Send both legs to the right, surrounding and pressing against the right arm, taking as much of the bend out of each knee as possible.

Tip: Remember, breath is the most important part of the posture.

Jenn Yoga

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